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Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm fickllllleeeeeeee......

Saturday, January 17, 2009
She sinks in my mind as she sheds through her skin
Touch sight taste like fire
Hands do now what eyes no longer defend
Hands to fuel desire

I think one thing i really taken for granted is how i get t see the team everyday. I miss them like crazy and now thinking back i always anticipate for th bell to ring for breaks or schl to be over so i can dasssshhhh like super sonic to pinch their butts or fling myself onto them. And thankfully none of them got quite annoyed with me. Yet :D

I did not turn up for Street today so i really look forward to next week! I called them and i was annoying Brenda so much so she keep whining, "ELLLLAAAIIINNNNEEE....". She had to fill in my paticulars for our coming Futsal competition and i refused t answer her properly. I think they believed that my mom is really named Magarita. Wth, Jasmine's flirting skills is reallllyyy improving. If she comes over t the salad bar i think i can't resist touching her! (see, i'm making her scared so i can keep paychecckk all to myself). TEEHEEEEEE

Yes! So anyway, one of the reasons i wanted t turn up for Street today was cos i wanted t tease Tzer. She has 9 cats and if she ever turns lesbian i would have someone in mind. This lady from a pet store near Grand Salads is a regular there and she has 14 cats! ZOMGGGG, I think Tzer no need to grow old and alone. Gosh, i can totally picture Tzer steaming "WHATLAHHH" face now. See, i'm brave to say this virtually yo,

Working is fun, i did night shift this whole week. I mean i still have to insist is fun cos it's 2 weeks of it and i want my steady paycheck. At least it's a goal for me. I tell you mannnnn, it's more fufilling working though it's mentally draining cos is brainless work. But the goals are within reach. Si bought me and Lene Crabtree and Evelynn :D :D
Anyway Leen is on this crazy diet and during lunch Si and I will wave all the junk food in front of her. Working with Leen is dammmmmmm hilarious, so she bought this Health Magazine where they teach you to train different parts of your body and some looked so mismatched and odd like sex postions. Kayyy, so anyway we saw this lungelike sort of move so we were trying it and my workplace is like some sort of open concept so we saw the guy working at Pizzahut opposite laughing at us.

I had my bad share of horrible customers. They can make you feel so responsible as if you're writing out their wills. Right, so this man was acting all VanGogh like every detail of a SALAD counts and he was telling me to keep chopping up. WHO EATS THEIR LEAVES IN GRAINS. TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME. LOLLLLL

At th last part, He went "Do you want me to chop it up cos i can do it..."
I literally felt like eating up his salad and chewing it to mush and spitting it out for him

I bought a fair bit of clothes of the coming Chinese New Year, I'm looking forward to it usually cos i get to see my cousins on my Mum's side cos we're pretty tight, we used t dash to th playground and cycle all the time. And all of us had superpowers and we were secret Power Rangers. Cool yeah?

Today i was feeling retarded i msged Vanessa
"Helllooooo, I'm behind youuuuu"
She replied "hahhah There is a wall behind me, How can it be?"


Ohmyg, we cant get any colder.
And i miss Crystal Chiew. Waffletown next week sweetie! <3

I think i'm really bad cos i don't stick to resolutions so this year i never bother coming up with one until it strike me that this year i decide to try to trust God more and not just go with my instincts (which is really like, bad) But God is simply marvellous, during boring times at work or when im at despair (no luh, just sad) I just know i'll never be alone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Slow down, the world isn't watching us break down
It's safe to say we are alone now,

We're alone now

Photobucket is giving all sorts of error! Anyway i haven't been using my camera. I should have used it shouldn't i? I did Night Shift today. I think i'll miss Si when she quits end of this month. Leen, Si and I formed a good friendship and being with them feels as if i known them my entire life. Working gives you exposure to really meet people from all walks of life. Si mixed sake and grapejuice for us. It was good!

Hummed and sung christian hymns under my breath while working and it really gives you a happy emotion when you work. God is really marvelous and wonderful!

Joelynn and Rach came by at night. Was initially suppose t hang out with them today. They were such sweethearts coming by to eat the wraps there. I MAKE GOOD WRAPS RIGHT?? After work we headed to Gelare's. i love Tuesdays! Weekly event, i was telling Joelynn we haven't seen each other in like a year but when i see her it feels just like yesterday. Blood is thicker than water i swear! (:

I'm off t slp! Gotta rest my weary cracked fingers!

Monday, January 12, 2009
So you see, this world doesn't matter to me
I'll give up all I have just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can't take my eyes off of you

I think i'm secretly in love with Linhui. HAHAHAHAHA. Freak out much?
Finally met up with her today for our BTT. We sat on th MRT steps and had breakfast together and we talked a lot! We should have studied shouldn't we?? Then maybe we could have passed. I finished the test earlier. There was the huge FAIL sign there i was wth, but anyway JC got me used t it so all i did was numbly went down t rebook. I called JW he totally laughed. I thought he would have understood my plight since he went through th SAME EXPERIENCE.

So i was rebooking and Lin called me. She went like "WAIT, DONT BOOK YET". I was OMG, YOU FAILED TOOO??? Then we erupt into giggles. Called up Alicia and it made my day better. Rushed down to work and it took my mind of hurtful things that my mom said to me. Thanks Jas and Turtle for happening t call! <3

Work was good. I enjoy th company there which is pretty much why i don't whine so much about working. But it's still a job after all. Worked till 7 and went down t my aunt's coffeeshop for dinner with my dad's side family. The meal was fun. They were talking about weddings in th past. My uncle said he had his at th kampung and it's been raining so on th actual day they had t push cars through th flood and when the guests sat on those hideous plastic red chairs it sank into th mud

Unglam much?


Sunday, January 11, 2009
To show you what you're missing, turn around
And feel the winds of change
upon your face again
The warm breath of your closest friend
I'm waiting, I'm waiting

Are we fading?


I watched August Rush, it was gooooooddddd :D



He is called Lucky.
He is so talented, he shakes hands with you and knows how t enjoy life by settling for th best spot on th bed.
Oh! He is one pampered prince.

I noticed my blog activity dwindled down much now that i'm not schooling although th days are more interesting

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thing about you is you know just how to get me
You talk about us like there's no end in sight
The thing about me is that I really want to let you
Open that door and walk into my life


Love is Noise

Wednesday, January 07, 2009
You call me a stranger
You say I'm a danger
But all these thoughts are leaving you tonight
I'm broke and abandoned
You are an angel
Making all my dreams come true tonight

Turn Around and fix your eye in my direction
So there is a connection

I can't speak
I can't make a sound to somehow capture your attention
I'm staring at perfection.


Working is tiring! Not that i'm complaining cos i'm enjoying it but a lot of free time is taken away. Was talking t Yiting on th phone today, she bought a new bike. When will i ever get to rollarblade with Jiawei and Vanyo? But quite cool lahhhhhh, i spent a virtual moments with the team and i feel joyful cos they never fail to brighten up my day.

I also got to catch up a bit with Cass & Daria which made me happy cos i hope i won't drift apart from them now that we aren't classmates and we're busy with our own lives. CDE is love.

I spent ytd night with Theresa (LOVE). I had a good time catching up with her although we order some really gross tasting tuna thingy from Din Tai Fung, it's puke material quite literally. She was nice enough to take that gross looking piece of meeting while i took th outer layer of th skin! T! I ended up eating most of th strudel! Laughs, i have a very bad sweet tooth!

Work today was good. I had a wrap instead of salad and it was satisfying. After that i had Oreos for dinner.

Guitar Hero World Tour and Michael Copon!

Monday, January 05, 2009
I wanna rock-n-roll
I wanna give my soul
I'm wanting to believe
Don't want to let you down
I want to fly away
But i'm stuck on the ground

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn't that save you

First day of work was tiring yet enjoyable. Made nice friends but rush hour was hectic, other than that it's a good experience. i j
just hope i don't get sick of it too soon, i need money (materialistic as it sounds). I saw Lois! :D

i met Vanessa after work! I was hungry yet in th shopping mood. I bought a vest from Topshop and hopefully i can get the Zara top and maybe a good sale item from River Island for the new year. (Dang, i'm talking as if there ain't so recession) Rachel is right, need a rich man yo. LOL.

Anyway, the adult fare is burning a massive hole in my pocket. I think i should just invest in a bicycle and cycle all around Singapore. Can train my 6 mths worth of flabby thighs.

Anyway, we had a good dinner together at Din Tai Fung and caught up a lot a lot a lot. I love BFF cos today made me realise once again that she will always be by my side and ready t take my fall. She had this dream that i went t tell A and B t lie t her that i died, and she totally cried and when she went t my house she saw me dancing. ZOMG.

I can't wait to see you.
Once again.

Saturday, January 03, 2009
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all you mind.
- Matthew 22:37

2008 finally came and went quietly, I didn't particularly feel th transition of any sort, perhaps for once there isn't any school for me. But mostly i didn't enjoy 2008 as much as th rest of my years cos there was always the A's at th back of my mind. School was still awesome and for the days that i actually went was good cos there was Love, Cass & Daria and Soccerettes. Bless them, they never fail to make me laugh and made me feel good about myself in times of darkness.

Of course outside of school there will always be lifelong friends like Vanessa, Crystal, Des(!), Ber, etc. on The Ten, Bryan, Fat, JW, Nicole, Annabel, Christine, Rachel & Alexis. This entry shouldn't exactly be about me since it's people like you that makes me feel complete

Thankful for my family and God as well!


I was uploading photos t Photobucket a few days back and it just crashed on me which like totally pissed me off so i did not blog. Europe was definitely one of the good memories i'll remember for life. I had a really good time with my family. The weather there was freezing cold and i think we took a million boat rides and i got rather sick of it. I finally went t Paris. I think that was my favourite country, I definitely wish t go back there is i have money for honeymoon!
Food there was pretty mundane after awhile, i missed th local food and i watched Friends in 4 different languages! I really missed using my phone! And i had t pay for internet. ASDFGHJK. Kebab there is the bomb, don't ask me why. It's just that weird.

I ended th year on a good note where i went for Church retreat after the Europe trip. It was good, pursued Revelations which was pretty difficult for me. I finally saw th Soccerettes and Love today! (: I was so busy seeing them just blew all my worries away. And i finally got a full-time job. My mom is glad i found a stable one so half of it will go into college fund which is good cos at least im doing smth decent during my holidays.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

I would love to tell you what i think of Jesus
Since I found in Him a friend so strong and true;
I would tell you He changed my life completely-
He did something no other friend can do.

There are so many things to say but i don't know where t start. Going t M'sia for church conference at this time was a good way t end a year. It made me see how important it is t reset my priorities for th coming 2009.

When KY told me i was 'spiritually dead' that i do not feel guilt towards skipping Sat Youths, it kinda really woke me up. And the whole conference made me become more aware not only i have a responsibility to myself but also th testimony i carry. We did th book on Colossians and about th Christ In You. And i learnt that Christ may dwell in you but you must constantly seek it. We say we have th faith, but did we activate it?

And to seek it, we must constantly experience Him, and without th knowledge from th bible and prayer. By experiencing Him more than we can enjoy his riches fully. Li Lian says she wants t be a Man Of Prayer. I think it makes a lot of sense. Ky started to ask us what is prayer. It's a two way communication and when He answers our prayers, do we listen to HIm? or we choose the way that is easiest. I think th bad thing about me is i seek world possesions, i forget the earth is just a temporary place and out actions here will be judged when He comes.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
-Philipians 4:6

The meetings were good but is usually night fellowship with th saints that i could fully comprehend and apply. And partially i kept sleeping during meetings. I enjoy th company and crazy captain ball/ tennis / soccer / food / in-room service. It was fun thought the room Rachel and I shared was disgusting, the lights could not turn off, the air was mosit which in turn made our sheets moist and we found bugs in it th first night i totally screamed and leaped off th bed and we shared a bed on th first night.

Stayed over at Rach&Alexis place after th conference and i miss spending time with them and their family where it used t be a weekly affair. I played this dacing game with Little Ben on Wii and i was horrible. In th end i just did my own crazy dance and Rachel was behind giving th exasperated face. We spend th night in th music room talking and i loved every monute of it. Until one third of us is always the first t drop dead



Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hearts break so easy.
I know. Believe me. Oh, I’ve tried.
But my arms can hold you.
My kiss console you.
I’ll come and love you tonight.

Love hurts sometimes but this feels right.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Take back what's real to us.

Tmrw i will be leaving for church conference followed by The Europe Trip (have been looking forward to it since months back!). However an added twist to it. I realised it would be hard, but it's not anymore. Sometimes the you know the th perfect cookie cut answer is clearly and distinct in front of u, yet you hold onto th strings of hope and live in denial. Told Wj last night that i hate that i must crash and burn real bad before i learn my lesson. And i never do.

I knew just th right things i should do last night, but i'm not so strong suddenly. Watching my beautiful queen sleeping and it made me recalled something my mom told me. She said i am a person that is able t accept a person's shortcomings and overlook their flaws, or rather choose to. But in th long run, what will i stand to gain?

The point is that it's no ones fault, only time moves faster than we hope for.


I stayed curled in a fetal state of mind and body till th late afternoon till i had t meet Annabel due to my sore back and aching muscles from the match. But mostly to lazy t get out of bed.
Town and i was delighted t finally seeing Annabel. We had Food Republic and we just sat and chatted. I think we usually shopped but we walked a bit and we just bought tickets to Quarantine (SHOW SUCKS!) and ended up sitting at Gloria Jean's having a drink and catching up. And the show was horrible! We took th couple seats so basically we were surrounded by loving people. Don't get me wrong, i love Annabel, just a supple amount of love. And A was tanked cos this guy in front of her sat really high so she was visually blocked all because of his girlfriend that did funny things t his chest and everything else due south.
AFter the movie we just wandered around and we found a book in Borders on how to cook children. Supppppeerrrrr!

Carl's Jr at town :D
It was a late dinner due t the jam but hats off t JW, I think he is a super driver. Had dinner there and we ended up wanting t go Zouk with Fat aft dinner but because it was a last min decision, it was really late so it was too packed we head down t The Arena. I think th best part is seeing JW and WJ, like at 10 we were friends and never thinking that we'll stay friends till today and actually growing up and having different lifestyles as compared t 8 years ago. It was a good night out and i can find absolute comfort in them. Fat went shotgun high on us it was damm retarded. Anyway, we went round and round before we got t The Arena. ROAD TRIP :D


Tired and I'll be meeting Love later gfor a short lunch before i go on hiatus.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Seems the only one who doesn't see your beauty
Is the face in the mirror looking back at you
You walk around here thinking you're not pretty
But that's not true, cause I know you

Faith makes all things possible; Love makes all things easy
It makes sense. Today was a good day spent with Soccerettes.
Friendly against th juniors. I felt happy cos it feels like old times where we'll take 89259475 years to pack up and go for dinner. Or talking rubbish and being crazy on the field. They are my sweetest drug and i love every moment spent with them. It's fun crazy and always brought with a promise of barrels of laughter and love.

Money is fast depleting so i'm glad i secured a job before going away to Europe. And signed up for driving. Something constructive. I hope by making plans for th next 8 mths of my life to keep myself busy from thinking about bad A Level results. Now with so much time on our hands, the 'if i studied harder' is a skeleton in my closet.

I was nice t offer my seat to an old lady on th train, she scolded me for implying she is old. (WOMEN!)

I have this nagging feeling in me which is always the case that i'm bad at dealing with it. What is the difference between love and in love? Many ways to depict it, only i can't put my finger on th pretty picture drawn to it.

I'm meeting Annabel tmrw! <3

Tied together with a smile

Sunday, November 30, 2008

You say I only hear what I want to.
You say I talk so all the time so.
And I thought what I felt was simple,

Tmrw will be Monday and i've abandoned my sweetheart for nearly a week! Hello, my ranting cyborg, i'm back! :D

Y'know, YT made me realised ytd that officially 9 days has passed since th end of A's (well, it'll be 10 today). Now thinking back, i can't imagine it passing so fast. Tmrw will be the first of Dec, i'll be out hunting for Xmas trees with Love, (Ahhhh, it's my fave holiday of the year!) And by Sunday, i shall be on hiatus till after Xmas! I will miss plenty of people! Without a doubt of course.

Who said finding a job was easy? Linhui & I went through and elaborate task on Thursday looking for jobs. We signed up at the pet store and it was hilarious. The lady there was super niceee and we started chatting with her like old friends. Anyway, she asked us whether we minded if we had t cleaned up mess. Linhui gushed and said "NOOOO, I LOVEEEE DOGSSSS" And when we were leaving, there was this dog there and she went "HIIII DOGGGIIIIEEE"

Gawd that dog was in a foul disposition, he totally growled and barked at Lin i was thankful it was locked up in th pen or i'll have a headless friend. I think the dog was a female since it was really acting like a ____.

Applied t a couple of others and we signed up for driving, both of us went private and we got lost. Thanks Christina! And yes that lady behind the counter was a walking barbie doll (: It was a funnnn day out with Lin cos my early afternoon was sooo horrible

I had this cavity so i made an appointment with the dentist. The clinic did not open for 40 minutes and i was sitting outside on the concrete stairs. It's fustrating really. Even th store owner next door was saying their timing was horrible as well. I should have taken eggs and threw at th metal grates but i don't have th guts too. Went down to th nearest one and i had t wait for an hour cos there wasnt an appointment and it was a painful experience. Anyway the dentist was this grandmotherly figure. (TOTALLLY GIRL POWER) She was so nice and even had th powdery smell. But still it didn't totally alleviate the pain and many foreign objects was stuffed in my mouth. I hate th dentist.

That morning i also went for training with half the girls on th team. We ran and i have no stamina but lying and kicking with th girls definitely felt like old times :D

I played Street Soccer with the girls on Saturday and JW dog gave me a livid scratch mark but i still love Happy. LOL
Her dress for Prom was really pretty and Chai is such a stooge! Darling! Let JW spend. And Chai refuse t hug me cos i had Happy's fur all over me. We had a good lunch and all of us went back sluggish and tired. Went t the airport at night t send off my dad. Will definitely miss him while he is away. He is a funny guy :D
We had popeye's. Anyway, my dad drove there and kept the carkeys and went into customs and we realised it only when we were going back t the car. Thank goodness his flight have yet t depart. My mom is a scatterbrain and we couldn't find our car as well.

I went out with my mom on Wednesday and had an awesome day out with her just catching up and shopping. I had 2 weddings this week and i went t NP to find Vanyo and JW on Tuesday. Sorry Vanyo! Anyway love you xoxo and she had a FABU time on Tuesday HAHAHAHA. JW and I went t Sakae for dinner that tuesday and had a ball laughing over 8 years worth of eventful memories.

Had a good lunch with Rachel today (It was just kaya toast and teh-c) But it's the company that counts, no? We wandered around after church and i think we totally take it for granted that we're cousins so we procrastinate in meeting up. Miss you too lexy! I'll sleepover with you guys soon!

Can't wait to see Annabel next week! <3

&hearts, Hello Stranger


I am fickle which drives people crazy, i ♥ song lyrics & the people[THE TEN] in my life even more! (Thank you Big Daddy!) I love bloodred roses cos you can hardly find black ones or daisies. I can think about food all day but end up not eating at all, i love rambling and i love my soccer girls, they light up my beautiful life, I like totalllly dig Retail Therapy, long talks and carrides to nowhere. AND FROZEN YOGHURT! I wish i can dance all night long with Chris Evans cos he is my hot smokin' piece of eyecandy :D (Don't steal!). I'm turning 18 but Daddy doesn't let me ride a Vespa so i don't really get the deal of getting my Driver's Ed anytime soon. I'm plauged with social distractions and i wish i can hide in a photobooth with you cos i ♥ you.

& & i think i like, totally suck at art cos i can't paint my nails for nuts, and i can hold a decent conversation if i dig your beautiful smile. P.S I LOVE YOU,

Alicia Low
Cassandra Neo
Jeremy Nicholas
Rachel Chua
Rachel Lim
Vanessa <3
Vanessa Koh
Yan Shan

America's next Top Model